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Julia Freeland, M.A.Ed., Founder, REvolve YOU, has been featured in:

"Here I am an older woman, a mother, starting in her first tech job.  This would not have been possible without PREP!  Thanks for educating us, Julia, so that we can go out and educate our companies and our peers.  A revolution, indeed. 

- Erica, 2016 PREP Grad


"Will you PLEASE design this program for my husband / my kids?"

- every client (not kidding)

Hi!  I'm Julia.

I'm a lifelong educator, change researcher, mom, and new author (book coming in 2019!)


My mission is to empower you to reinvent and learn to thrive in change. 




The world of business needs the skills moms have more than ever.  Unfortunately, old approaches to work, learning and job searching are no longer effective.   So, you have some learning to do. (We all do!)  I'd like to teach you the skills, tools and mindset you need to learn to thrive in today's  changing world of business. 


I promise:


The skills you will learn will help you improve all aspects of your life.   


Ready to get started?  Meet me in the video below!

I feel like I have been wearing mud covered goggles all of my life and you just cleaned them off so I can finally see clearly."

- Carrie, 2017 PREP Grad


"PREP has changed every aspect of my life."

- Nancy, 2016 PREP Grad



One day in-person workshops focused entirely on Discovering YOU - giving you the foundation you need to find a career that is aligned with your values.


- A "life changing experience" - The Parent REvolution Program can be taken from anywhere!  It was designed to help moms relaunch their careers and rediscover their passions.  Starts Oct. 4th!


Meet one-on-one with Julia, virtually or in-person.  Kick start your reinvention with a customized plan to help you get where you want to go as fast as possible.  


"This program has not only helped me relaunch my career, but it has also affected my marriage in such positive way. 

It's truly revolutionary."

- Lisa, PREP Graduate 2016


Julia Freeland, M.A. Ed

Founder, REvolve YOU    

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Mom skills are so valuable in the future world of work!

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