I empower people to believe in themselves, reach for dreams and thrive in transition. 


Let's equip you with the courage, map, skills, tools, and mindsets needed to build a better future.


Julia Freeland, M.A.Ed

Founder, REvolve YOU


I empower people

to believe in themselves, reach for dreams,


thrive in transition.


Julia Freeland, M.A.Ed., Founder, REvolve YOU, has been featured in:

Who are you? 

Reinventing Mom

The Parent REvolution Program (PREP) was designed for YOU.


The REvolve YOU Reinvention Process is a map to future you!

Business Leader

Do you wish your employees would be on board with your next change initiative? 

"They should be teaching this in companies and business schools!  It's truly revolutionary!

- Yulia, 2017 PREP Grad, Starbucks Sr. Finance Manager

Who am I? 

Future You is waiting...

I feel like I have been wearing mud covered goggles all of my life and you just cleaned them off so I can finally see clearly."

- Carrie, 2017 Reinvention Coaching Client


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