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See a Clear Path Forward  Thrive in Uncertainty  Bridge Differences  Overcome Challenges  Cultivate Hope  Build Confidence

Welcome to

The Breakthrough Compass

People feel empowered to transform

when they are equipped to do so and have

a guide to follow.


The Breakthrough Compass does both.


It is unbelievably easy to remember, 

aligned with human nature,

and a powerful tool to help you navigate 

life's hardest moments. 




There is a natural path all humans follow to adapt to the conditions of their lives.  When you understand this path and have the skills and traits needed to travel it, finding balance in uncertainty, engaging in change,

and overcoming adversity becomes easier.




The Breakthrough Compass makes life better.



The path between where you are and where you want to be,

follows a path everyone can see.


However, your journey to breakthrough is unique to you. 


Breakthrough happens when you have completed your journey and say: 


  I   D  


Do you see it?

Breakthrough Coaching

Changes Lives


Harnessing Human Nature and

Unlocking the Potential to Evolve

Starbucks Finance Director - Breakthrough Coaching Client

Philanthropitch CEO - Breakthrough Coaching Client

"Sign me up for more!  You are worth your weight in gold, Julia!"

- Tania, T-Mobile Product Manager, 2019 Coaching Client

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